Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So tell me about YOU

Edited: NCLMers, welcome! You can find a brief intro to who I am here. I'm sticking this survey at the top of my blog for the month to give people an easy way to comment without having to read half my blog. I'm always thrilled to have people read and comment on all of my entries, but I also know how time-consuming and overwhelming this challenge can get at times.


Something I've appreciated in other blogs during NCLM is when people put up a little survey so you can introduce yourself more easily. Because I readily admit that sometimes even when you're enjoying someone's writing, it gets really hard after a while to think up something new to say in response. So here you go: instead of blathering on endlessly about myself, I'll ask about you (one of the cardinal precepts of good conversation).

1. What do you do for a living?
2. Where do you live?
3. Who do you live with?
4. What's your favorite book (or movie, if you don't have a favorite book)?
5. Coffee or tea?


  1. Good idea!

    1. Counselor (formerly working in mental health, currently working in relocation/career transitions)

    2. 'Burbs of Seattle (7 months now, formerly of the Midwest)

    3. Hubby, baby, and poochy

    4. Can't decide -- Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen (typical, I know) or The Talisman by Peter Straub (aka Steven King)

    5. Either one, if properly sweetened and flavored!

  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello! I LOVED living in South Ken and still stay there whenever I visit London.

    1. Attorney
    2. Southern California
    3. Hubby and the mutt
    4. "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy
    5. Green tea

    I love the list idea! I may have to steal it for my blog. :)

  3. 1. work at a library!
    2. I live in New Braunfels, TX. a small town North of San Antonio
    3. I live with 5.5 cats (the .5 is a foster kitty until August) and the husband
    4. fav. books are To Kill a Mockingbird and Into Thin Air.
    5. Tea, I like it sweet and unsweet. I'm a Southerner though, so that's probably not surprising!

  4. good idea!

    1. I am a Account Manager. We make emergency response plans for oil and gas companies! More fun then that though, I also own my own wedding planning buis!

    2. Calgary, Alberta, Canada and love it here

    3. Keith my hubby and Tissue my cat

    4. The Time Travelers Wife

    5. Either! But LOVE the sweet, caramley coffees!

    here from NaComLEavMO

  5. 1. I'm a professor at a state university

    2. I live in a small city in the south (South-Lite as I like to call it)

    3. My husband, b, our son, Boy, Pupzilla, The Brute and TOC

    4. To The Lighthouse, Virginia Woolf

    5. Coffee -a little skim milk and no sugar and, unfortunately, decaffinated

  6. Brilliant Idea - I'm sure you'll see it on my site soon.

    1 - Sales/Marketing Coordinator for a small IT company that was recently bought out by Bridgestone - we write software and sell handheld computers to the tire retreading industry (crazy, I konw, but I really love it)

    2 - Maryland

    3 - Hubby and 6 yr old son, big dog, lots of small fish

    4 - How to decide such a thing?! I'll have to go with a childhood favorite since it's the only consistent one: Seeds and More Seeds (I wrote about it here)

    5 - Tea all the way. Coffee SMELLS good but it tastes awful. Oh, and the tea has to be hot, not iced. My gram is Irish, so cold tea was practically a sin in our house.

    FYI, you're on my yahoo blog reader. I like to let people know that I've added them - it's nice to know you have fans. :)

  7. Fab idea!
    1) Within the next 2 weeks I will finish being a trainee secondary science teacher, and start being a qualified secondary science teacher.
    2) A city in Northern England.
    3) I live all by myself, though only for 3 more weeks.
    4) Here be Dragons by Sharon Penman
    5) Tea, proper English stuff, not the muck you seem to get over the pond!

  8. What a great idea! I might just have to steal it for my blog as well! :D

    1. What do you do for a living? currently, sadly, nothing really. But, in my real life, I am a teacher... and will be again.

    2. Where do you live? Northern Florida

    3. Who do you live with? My darling husband, and my furbaby cat

    4. What's your favorite book (or movie, if you don't have a favorite book)? I have too many favorite books to list, and too many favorite movies as well. But, one favorite book is Little Women. I always ALWAYS cry when I read it. Anything by Nora Roberts (as herself or JD Robb)

    5. Coffee or tea? Tea.

  9. This is a great idea.
    1. author, speaker and accounting instructor.
    2. I live in Arizona and it's hot, hot, hot right now.
    3. My husband and our twin girls (IVFers).
    4. lots of favorite books, so let's go with favorite authors: Janet Evanovich, Nora Roberts/JD Robb, and Harlan Coben.
    5. Neither. Although I drink decaf coffee and tea on rare occasion.

  10. 1. What do you do for a living? - Attorney

    2. Where do you live? - Chicago

    3. Who do you live with? - DH and 2 cats, Stoli and Trotsky

    4. What's your favorite book (or movie, if you don't have a favorite book)? - Brothers Karamazov (yes, I have an obsession with all things Russian)

    5. Coffee or tea? - Neither? I pretty much drink nothing but water at this point. Occasionally seven up or gatorade.

  11. Ok here ya go!

    I am a bookkeeper
    I live in South Carolina
    I live with the hubby
    I have too many favorites to pick just one - An Hour To Kill (book)

  12. 1. I am a SAHM
    2. I live in South Jersey, kind of a suburb of Philly
    3, hubby, 3 boys and a dog
    4. not sure, too many to list
    5. both but decaf only - it really depends on my mood - and both iced in the summer!

  13. what a neat idea!

    1. Highschool teacher, currently on leave w/ children.

    2. ONtario, Canada

    3. Hubby, DS (almost 4), DD (2 yo)

    4. Ooo - too many favourites to count. Some of my top authors - Anne MacCaffery, John Wyndham, Madeleine L'Engle, C. S. Lewis, Georgette Heyer, Laura INgalls Wilder, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Gene Stratton POrter, Isaac Asimov, Lloyd Alexander, Maeve Binchy ... oh and the list goes on. Have you guessed? I like books too!

    5. Hmmm. Depends on my mood. I've enjoyed tea forever, and coffee is a more recent pleasure.

    Your post about wearing your dh's deoderant is a hoot! thanks for telling that story :)

    Here from NCLM ...


  14. Here from NCLM:

    1-2. I'm a librarian too, at an academic library in North Carolina.

    3. I live with my husband and two cats. Hopefully with a small person on the way.

    4. My favorite book is Watership Down by Richard Adams.

    5. I like both, but drink tea more. Coffee can upset my stomach.

  15. Hi! Great Idea!

    1. I'm a preschool/kindergarten teacher (on summer break...whoo hoo!)

    2. I live in Central Indiana

    3. Hubby, toddler child and as of the end of June, hopefully baby through an open adoption

    4. Too many to name! New love: Eat, Pray, Love....old love: Anna Karenina

    5. Coffee, usually :)

  16. Great idea! Wish I'd thought of this...

    1. Right now I work for the County as a secretary. But I'm trying to move up the ladder...

    2. Santa Rosa, California. Born and raised in California, have lived in Santa Rosa for over 20 years (I'm 29).

    3. As of two days ago, I now live with my husband. I also have two dogs and a cat...which made having a bigger bed necessary, since there was no way I was kicking anyone off the bed!!

    4. Well, favorite movie is The Princess Bride. Favorite book is harder. I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb is a long-time favorite, The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton is a new favorite.

    5. Neither, really, though I'm trying to go more towards tea. HOWEVER, we did get an espresso machine as a wedding gift, so perhaps my answer should be espresso?

  17. Very cool idea (here from NCLM)

    1. Nurse anesthetist (CRNA)

    2. suburb of Detroit (you're from MI also?)

    3. Hubby, cute doggie, and baby on the way!

    4. Just read Eat Pray Love which was good and now am liking Middlesex

    5. Oh either one as long as they have some goodies in them!

  18. 1. Graduate Student in Biochem.
    2. In a house.
    3. With my dog (and soon with my Husband).
    4. The Giver by Lois Lowry (Still at the top of the list)
    5. Coffee

  19. 1. Invalid. Pronounce it however you like; either way is pretty accurate, sadly.
    2. "Doolittleville"--small city in the American South.
    3. Husband and three children seven, four, and almost-three years of age. Also, a bird and some fish.
    4. Choose a FAVORITE BOOK? Are you high? You're a librarian, HOW CAN YOU ASK ME TO CHOOSE? Currently Luncheon of The Boating Party by Susan Vreelander. I've read it three times in a row and can't get enough of her characters!
    5. Tea, definitely. Cold and sweet, natch--house wine of the South!

    I like the survey idea, and I too am enough of a geek that I posted a synopsis for NCLM newcomers (I blog very anon, use gender-neutral pronouns to refer to my children, and don't reveal the actual name of the freakishly-rare genetic syndrome the children and I all have because it's THAT freakishly rare). I'll be back!