Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Welcome to everyone stopping by from NaComLeavMo! I meant to put this up yesterday but apparently could only find the energy to whine instead. :p Looking at my info page, it seems a bit spare on relevant information, so here's a brief primer on my life for people who don't want to have to read the archives (if you do want to read the archives, there are five years' worth at my Livejournal):

* I live in Philadelphia with my husband B and our nearly 3-year-old daughter K. We moved here from Indiana (B and I were both raised in Michigan), and we miss the Midwest. We moved here for the pragmatic reason of needing a job rather than any deep desire for living in a big East Coast city, and it doesn't really feel like home yet.

* B and I are both librarians. B works for the Free Library of Philadelphia and I work part-time for a tiny library attached to a museum with many out-of-date books and not enough funding. And yes, we own a lot of books.

* As the title says, we're both quite geeky. We like science fiction, fantasy and anime (Japanese animation), both in books, tv shows and movies. Shows we like include Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who and Torchwood.

* I do a lot of knitting and sewing. I have a small business on Ebay selling costumes based on the anime show Naruto.

* B's parents live in northern Michigan in a gorgeous house in the woods. His father is a nature artist. He has a sister who lives in Boston.

* My mother lives in Southwest Michigan. She has been quadriplegic since a car accident six years ago. My father died last summer of early-onset Alzheimer's disease. As you can imagine, I've found it challenging dealing with grief of slowly losing my father and having to take care of my parents before I had the opportunity to have children.

* I have a brother who lives in Champaign, Illinois, along with several of our close friends. We both went to grad school in Champaign, so we developed some good friendships there. These are who I'm talking abour when I refer to the Champaign crowd.

* I have PCOS, for which I've been taking metformin for the past six years. We conceived K with the help of Clomid - I was having regular cycles but only ovulating occasionally. We're going to start trying to conceive again soon and I've been neurotically tracking my cycles or lack thereof and wondering what degree of intervention we'll need this time.

So welcome to one of my corners of the Web. I'm enjoying all of your comments so far!


  1. Sorry that you didn't have a great memorial day. I'm assuming the weather was beautiful as it was here in Baltimore. I enjoy your blog. Can't wait to read more.

  2. Great idea to do an intro post - thanks! It's quite helpful for us NaComLeavMo people. ;)

    On the pinkeye thing, no advice, but I do hope you're all better soon!

  3. EEEEEEEEE!! I love Buffy and Angel and I am a voracious reader. Bought new bookshelves not to long ago - the ladder type and i feel ubber cool now - like i have my own "library". Can I be a geek too? Pleeeaaassseeee?

  4. Well, it's not like there's a qualifying exam for being a geek, so you can certainly be one if you want. I think it's as much a state of mind as anything. I'm jealous of your bookcases - someday when my ship comes in, I'll have something better than cheap Ikea bookcases. More expensive Ikea bookcases at the very least. :)

  5. I too love the intro post as well! I haven't done that but we'll see what this week bring us. We still have 3 weeks left of this commenting frinzy! Whooo hooo!

    (here from nclm)

  6. hi
    I'm here from NaComLeavCom
    I really like it when people have welcome/intro posts so you can easily find their story.
    You have had quite an experience caring for your parents.
    I hope your PCOS is under control so you can concieve again soon.

    My Little Drummer boys
    warm regards