Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cabin fever update

I think the last week hit its apotheosis last night with the following conversation:

Me: Why is there popcorn all over the floor?
Alec: I wanted popcorn.
Me: You know you're supposed to get someone to help you make popcorn.
Alec: Can I have popcorn?

Because I have to report, dear Reader, that a full pound of unpopped popcorn was scattered over the kitchen and dining room floor, like some sort of cold popcorn bomb had gone off (it was also all the way down the hall and into our bedroom beyond plausible range of spray, which is why I suspect extra shenanigans were going on). That pretty much was the capper for the past week.

We made it through last week, with the two snow days and three days of school at home because of parent-teacher conferences. Then Monday turned out to be the monthly teacher inservice day at the older kids' school. Meanwhile, James developed an ear infection and missed the other day of preschool last week and trapping us inside, even when the weather wasn't that bad.

Today everyone went to school. I took a nap.