Thursday, March 15, 2012


* I think we're finally starting to recover from Daylight Savings Time. I know it's nothing new for the parents of small children to hate the time change more than the general population, but truly, it's baffling to me how moving the clock an hour later can cause our children to wake up three hours earlier than normal. Sunday went fine, with both children sleeping until their normal wakeup times, which were an hour later by the clock. But Monday morning, Alec woke up at 5, which his body should have thought was 4. K woke up some time between 3 and 4, and couldn't get back to sleep until around she finally collapsed in a three hour nap around 9. Tuesday, everyone overslept, then this morning, the kids were finally up at their normal times. Yeesh. All this from a one hour time shift?

* In other news, I'm giving birth April 23. That's less than six weeks from now. Eek. How did that happen? And our total baby preparation is that we finally settled on James as a first name, mostly because we couldn't think of anything better. Oh yes, I also bought a cute little outfit when we found out he's a boy. Oh, poor third child. I hope you don't mind your total lack of fanfare and new clothes.

Part of it is that we need to buy him a dresser, which we can't do until the weekend after next. Once we do that, it will feel worthwhile to pull out the newborn clothes because we'll have a place to put them. That will also make it necessary to do the bedroom rearranging we've been planning. And I suppose when we have the tubs of baby clothes out, I'll find the infant diapers and we can get those ready too.

* Moving plans have been put on hold due to complete lack of anything remotely good on the housing market at the moment. I'm getting a little sick of finding only 1) wildly overpriced houses, 2) houses that are only the square footage advertised if you include the roof, and 3) obvious scams (why yes, we'd love to rent your 4 bedroom house for $500 a month! We'll just mail that security deposit to you sight unseen). We've re-upped with a six month lease, so we'll see what things are like in August. Meanwhile, I'm hoping to get some major purging and rearranging done, which seems to be my version of nesting. I want to get a better homeschooling space set up, and finally finish cleaning up the basement so we can spend more time down there this summer.

And now that I have all of this planned, all I need to do now is find some energy and develop the ability to walk without feeling like my pelvis is going to fall apart.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lost week

Last week started so well. The kids were better and we were set to start in on Hawaii and volcanoes. Instead, B came home puking on Tuesday and slept most of Tuesday and Wednesday. I wasn't throwing up, but felt like someone had dropped a 50 ton weight on my head. I managed to keep the children and house from falling into too much squalor and kept K on track with reading and math, but that was it. Thursday, B was well enough to go to work and I thought I might be in the clear, until I started puking. Thank goodness Thursday is a preschool day for Alec, because I spent the day dozing on the couch while K spent quite a lot of the day on the Nick Jr website. Does it count as education if she played a bunch of Team Umizoomi games, which involved math? Okay, preschool math, but at least a bit better then spending all day marinating in cartoons. Friday, Alec was home but thank goodness, so was B, so I slept most of the day and was something resembling better.

So here we are in a new week and maybe we'll actually get something I planned done. Thank goodness for Reading Eggs is all I can say. I hadn't planned to use a computer program to teach my child to read, but there's something about the impartiality of the computer that she responds to a lot better than having to read to another human. She's willing to spend large amounts of time playing and according to it, has advanced over a year in reading skills in the past month.

In other news, an ultrasound yesterday estimated Godric's weight at 32 weeks as 4 and a half pounds, which puts him right on track to be the same size as his brother and sister. Somehow I feel justified in my refusal to worry about growth restriction. He also appears quite healthy and active, and is quite definitely still a boy. So all's good on that front.