Friday, June 27, 2008

Modern embarrassments

It occurred to me today that one of the somewhat questionable gifts of modern technology is that is has hugely increased the scope of ways you can embarrass yourself, often in front of previously unprecedented numbers of people, that simply weren't possible 30 years ago.

For example:

* Accidentally hitting "Reply to All" to reply to the sender of a group e-mail when your reply is meant to be confidential to the sender.
* Your cell phone going off in a situation where the ringtone is extremely inappropriate; e.g. "Stayin' Alive" when you're at a funeral.
* Putting the paper through the fax machine the wrong way and faxing a series of blank sheets from the wrong side of what you meant to send.
* Leaving a comment on the wrong entry of a blog, which causes it to make no sense. Or worse, the wrong blog.

What modern embarrassments can you think of?

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