Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I have, I confess, been aggressively avoiding real life for the past couple months. Not shirking any real life responsibilities, of course. But I've been avoiding the news, and forms of entertainment that require any sort of active input from me in favor of extremely fluffy passive entertainment. But it's been 2 1/2 months and it's probably time to come out of hibernation.

I dipped my toes in the waters of reality again a while ago when I compromised on the news blackout by putting the NPR news feed on my rss reader, so I at least see the headlines even if I don't read the details. And now maybe it's time to attempt some output, even if the majority of my entertainment continues to be about as shallow as a contact lens.


This was not a good week for a snowpocalypse, especially one that fizzled quite as spectacularly as it did here. I know further north they're getting the real deal, but we were promised something around a foot, and instead I think we've gotten maaaybe two inches in the past two days. Despite this, school let out early yesterday and wasn't in session at all today. That's not such a big deal, especially since was off work as well.

However, when you add that to the three days of cyber days the older kids have thanks to parent-teacher conferences Wednesday through Friday, meaning they'll do school on their computers at home, and that makes an entire week of trapped inside with three children. I fear I may begin to resemble Jack Nicholson by the end of the week. At the very least, I suspect I will be sprinting out the door to work on Saturday.