Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What's the Internet for if not unqualified medical advice?

So do you know if it's possible to get pinkeye without actually developing red eyes? Last week, K had massive eye boogers, which made me look at her suspiciously more or less constantly, but her eyes never looked red and irritated, which I'm given to understand is the defining feature of pinkeye/conjunctivitis in addition to discharge (and we were 700 miles away from our doctor), so I decided to wait and see and she finally got better on her own.

Now, however, B has been wiping away the eye boogers for the past two days and when I picked him up from work, he looked like he had spent the day toking up. Even after resting his eyes for a couple hours, he's still demonically red-eyed. And the last time I looked in the mirror, my eyes are getting bloodshot and are starting to feel sticky and gritty.

Obviously, we'll go to the doctor tomorrow if things haven't improved, but I'm curious if anyone with experience with pinkeye/conjunctivitis has any opinions.

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  1. pink eye will usually have that "blood shot eye look" with a good bit of discharge (ick i hate that word). The viral form does not require anti biotics, but it is still a good idea to see a doc to have it checked.

    Note: Not a Medical Doctor (but i did stay at a holiday inn last night-ha just kidding) just offering up the offerings.