Monday, May 26, 2008


So apparently we've decided to celebrate Memorial Day by feeling like death warmed over. B and I are balls of snotty, sinusy misery and spent the day alternating taking care of K so the other could sleep. K spent the day sporting a drippy nose and a bad attitude.

I'm pretty sure this is a piquant mixture of con crud and the cold that K had last weekend. Poor K, as a matter of fact, never had the chance to get over that cold before the cold we brought back from the con hit her last night. B and I, in turn, have K's old cold, or possibly the con crud, or possibly both. B is drippier, which argues for con crud, whereas I'm more sinusy. I don't know if K's last cold featured lots of sinus pain since her major visible symptom was lots of eye boogers (which I don't currently have), but her general attitude and the way she perked up when we gave her Tylenol argues that direction. Of course, it's possible a truck snuck into our bedroom last night and hit us, driving over us a few times for good measure.

Regardless of our individual disease vectors, I'm incredibly grateful B was home today. I'm not sure how I would have handled bedtime without him, given that I passed out from 5 to 8 this evening. I know we're supposed to spend today feeling grateful for our fallen war dead and the sacrifices they made - is it appropriate to feel grateful to them that I wasn't left alone to struggle with a sick toddler and my own illness all day?


  1. I hope you are both feeling so much better now or will do soon!

    Quick question - are you really a geeky librarian!? I too am a librarian but don't think that I could call myself geeky!!

  2. Welcome, I'm always happy to have a fellow librarian here! Yes, I'm a librarian, with the Master's degree on my wall and a job at a small library attached to a museum. As for geeky, well, we just spent our first nights away from our daughter in her life working at a convention devoted to Japanese animation, which rates pretty high on my geek scale. :)