Thursday, May 29, 2008

House of plague

Quoth the doctor: "Sounds like pinkeye to me."

She didn't want to see us, which I find a bit... iffy (although I'm already documented on not being well-pleased with the doctor, so par for the course, I guess). But we have eye drops now, which is about as much as she can do for us unless it gets worse. B already looks a bit better, so hopefully we're on the right track.

I have to say, there are a lot worse illnesses to have than a mild to moderate case of pinkeye. B feels pretty good, but he's off work for the rest of the week, without argument. Apparently if you call up work and say you have pinkeye, they don't want you or your incredibly contagious germs within a 50 yard radius. So! He was on vacation for two weeks, came back for one day and is now out sick for the rest of the week. Employee of the year, here we come!

In any case, while my eyes aren't really bothering me, I still feel pretty flattened by this cold, so I'm grateful to know that he's going to be home tomorrow again. Our alternating work schedules don't give us many days to just lazily hang out together at home, so it was kind of nice.

So! Are you tired of my whining about being sick yet?

We've been trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our summer in terms of more travel. K and I are flying out to Colorado in July for a cousin's wedding. My mother and brother are going as well, although they're driving. In what I can only imagine was a moment of COMPLETE INSANITY, my mother had been planning to have K and me fly to Michigan and drive to Colorado with them. But I was able to convince her that it might be a tad more pleasant for everyone involved for us to just fly straight to Denver instead of shoehorning me and my restless, potty-training three-year-old into the incredibly uncomfortable backseat of her van next to my brother. I suppose it could have been a nostalgic recreation of all of those childhood trips to Colorado in the backseat together, in the non-airconditioned car with only a radio, sibling antagonism and all the wheat in Nebraska passing by for entertainment. It's memories like that which make me bless the day we bought our portable dvd player.

We had been thinking about another trip to Michigan in August, but hadn't decided anything until we discovered today that a good college friend had the good sense to plan his wedding for exactly when we were thinking of going. Yay! So that settles that. I've actually been investigating if the train might be a viable option for that trip. It would be a long poke, but it would still be shorter than driving and we wouldn't have to do the work of driving or sit still the entire time. And with gas prices, it might not be any more expensive.


  1. I hate pink eye. My dog had it earlier this year and that was super gross. She hates eye drops so it made it that much harder.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

    Visiting from NaComLeavMo!

  2. What is it with pinkeye lately?! I just had it last week!

    But about the train idea, if you've never done it before you really should. We took a train for a 12 hr trip from Southern California to Northern California when my son was about 3. We LOVED it! We could get up, walk around, explore, relax, whatever ... it was a great trip. ;)

    (Go NaComLeavMo!)

  3. Pink eye is no fun! Luckily we have not been very successful at catching it. When my 4 yr old started school this year I thought it would be coming. Darn, he has a week or so left and I probably just jinxed myself! Anyway hope you are all feeling better soon. And I will take pink eye over the stomach flu any day - which we have been very successful at catching multiple times this winter and spring! Ugh!

  4. I really like the idea of the train. It's more relaxing and it would be fun for your daughter (for a little while, anyway). Plus, I've always liked seeing the "backsides" of parts of the country. It seems like nobody thinks about what their property looks like from the train tracks, and I find the differences interesting.

  5. Glad you got your diagnosis - however it would have been nice if she at least looked at y'all.sheesh

    I also suffered from COMPLETE INSANITY in 2006 when I drove with my hubby, DIL, and 1 yr old granddaughter from Myrtle Beach, SC to San Antonio, TX (23 hrs). It was a treacherous trip with a 1 year old let me tell you but it was her daddys graduation from the Air Force Academy and what's a mom to do?

    The train sounds awesome though - that would be great fun I think.

  6. Train ride sounds like fun. I still haven't been on a real train (as opposed to a subway train), so I still have naive ideas of speeding across grassy plains with sunflowers or some such nonsense. Enjoy the trip!

  7. hi from NCLM.

    Pink eye bites. My eyes are watering now, just thinking about it. And yes, God bless the portable DVD player. That has made plane rides much less stressful!

  8. Welcome to Philly! I moved here from Michigan in 2000.

    Let me know if you figure out a way to take the train to Michigan. I looked a couple years ago and I think you had to take a bus part of the way. It's a long 12 hours for us to get from here to my parents.

  9. Katt- It depends where you want to go in Michigan. My mother is in Grand Rapids, so we can take the train to Chicago and get the train to Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo from there (the Grand Rapids train gets us closer, but there are more trains going through Kalamazoo).