Monday, February 4, 2008

Well finally

Cycle day 2.

For the first time in two years and three and a half since I had a regular period. You know, I haven't missed this one tiny bit. But it's a necessary evil, and hopefully a sign my body is working as needed.

Now the charting starts. I hadn't planned on signing up with the ubiquitous Fertility Friend, but the printable chart I found online doesn't have temperatures going below 97.5, and my temperature yesterday morning was 96.8. Once again the limitations of paper-based technology reveals itself.


  1. Not below 97.5? The only time I GET to 97.5 is when my temp is spiking! On the charts I have (which start with 97 and go up to 99), I draw a line through the entire 97 row and write "96" on either edge of it. Then I mark the 98s as 97, and 99s as 98. It's low-tech but it does the job.

    Congratulations and sympathy for the return of the way of women. :)

  2. *blinks* Just writing in new numbers is such a simple, brilliant idea I feel a little stupid for not thinking of it. I guess a computer science major doesn't lend itself to thinking low-tech. :)