Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snow day

It never ceases to amaze me how two inches of snow can send a city into complete chaos. We woke up this morning to what is considered a light snowfall where I grew up. But instead of cars happily driving along a freshly plowed road, we had to fight our way through messy, dangerous roads that hadn't been plowed yet at 9am. My boss's kids' schools were closed, the Philadelphia schools closed at noon today (although I don't know why they didn't just close schools to begin with, since the roads were considerably safer by the time schools closed than they were when everyone would have been going to school) and the roads were snarled. Even Roosevelt Boulevard, a twelve lane road that's the main artery of the Northeast, hadn't been plowed in our part of the city. For this we pay a city income tax that's double what the State income tax is?

Daycare was also closed, although sadly both of our libraries were not. So K came to work with me and we left early so she could take her nap at home. She usually does pretty well entertaining herself at the library - she colored, visited her favorite elephant statue and read it a story, and spent a long time playing with a large jar full of teeny tiny beads. We had only one force-10 meltdown. I had no objection to her playing with the gluestick, but I didn't care for her using it on the Easter decorations I spent the majority of last Friday cutting out.

Even after she calmed down and I was able to convince her to glue some scraps of paper I quickly cut out for her, she couldn't keep her mind off of those decorations, which I had put on a cabinet out of her reach. At one point, she started dragging a chair towards them, clearly intending to try to climb up to get them. Only she got caught up on a power cord, and said pathetically to me, "Help, I'm stuck."

So she was asking me to help her move a chair so she could do something I had expressly forbidden her from doing. Nice try, kid. Clearly she needs to work on her subterfuge skills.

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