Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lost cat

This afternoon, after putting K down for her nap, I went into my bedroom and noticed there was a cat hiding under the covers. "Oh, that must be where Sonya's been hiding," I thought, not realizing until that moment I hadn't seen her all morning. And then Olwen appeared from under the covers and I realized that I hadn't seen Sonya at all yesterday. Fridays are busy days for us, since we usually both work, and cats being cats, it's entirely possible to go an entire evening without seeing one because they've decided to find some nice corner to take a snooze. But a quick search revealed that we couldn't find her anywhere in the house.

On Thursday, the handyman was here, replacing the screen door out back. K and I were leaving to meet B for lunch and went out back to get in the car. The handyman asked if he should move his van and if I could unlock the back door. I did so and went to put K in her carseat while the handyman moved his van. Walking back around the car to get in, I caught Olwen trying to slip out of the open door and closed it after shoving her back in. I should have looked around to see if Sonya was out. I should have gone over to the handyman to ask him to make sure the cats didn't get out. But we were running horribly late, so I left. And when I got back, K was late for her nap, so I forgot to do a cat check like I had meant to. And as a result, I think she's been gone since Thursday and we didn't notice until this morning.

We looked around the neighborhood and checked a local shelter with no luck. I made a flyer up, which we'll post after replacing our printer ink cartridge so the picture doesn't come out only in yellow. On the plus side, we didn't see any dead cats at the side of the road. And the weather hasn't been warm, but it's been above freezing. But I can't stop thinking about the horrible driving rain we got all day Friday.

In case it's not clear, we feel absolutely horrible about this and sick at the thought of losing her. Sonya is a very sweet, very gentle, incredibly dumb cat. I love both of our cats and couldn't imagine losing either of them, but I feel so much worse about the thought of Sonya out on her own in the wild, because Olwen at least is an alpha cat who doesn't take any guff from other animals. Sonya is a gigantic floppy love-cat who loves nothing better than to loll around on our laps and get her tummy scritched. I have no confidence in her ability to defend herself or be smart enough to protect herself from cars. And she's the one out there, alone in the cold.

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