Saturday, December 27, 2008

A very Messy Kweznuz

We had a mostly lovely Christmas Eve, only marred by K puking twice. But although she was clearly sick, she still had plenty of energy to play with her grandparents. We spent the day baking and listening to Christmas music, while I reveled in finally being able to enjoy cooking again.

Christmas morning was lovely as well. I had made cinnamon rolls, which we enjoyed while opening presents. K got a lot of books and absolutely loved her castle. It was clear she was getting a cold, but was feeling far too much Christmas spirit to let it slow her down.

Christmas afternoon I took a long nap, which was a tad surprising since I rarely nap unless I'm very sick or in my first or last trimester. But I was a bit sleep deprived, so I didn't think much of it. Until I started to help prepare the fondue for dinner and it became very clear that food was the last thing I wanted. Sigh. Apparently what K got me for Christmas was the stomach flu.

Boxing Day, I slept and slept and slept some more. B had to work, so I was incredibly thankful to have his parents here. Unfortunately, his father was starting to come down with it as well, and his mother was feeling it by the end of the afternoon as well, although she heroically held on until B got home to go collapse.

Thankfully, they avoided the puking and seemed to mostly get better after a day and night of sleep. They're up and about today. I'm still tired and took two naps today, but I'm keeping food down. I'm also getting K's cold. And K, aka Patient Zero, who managed to completely avoid the desperate need for sleep the flu gave the rest of us, woke up from her nap this afternoon with an earache. Aargh.

I don't know why B's parents don't visit more often, since we clearly show them such a good time when they're here.

One positive note to end the post with: I had to work yesterday, so last night I drank a Sprite to settle my stomach and settled down on the couch with my laptop on my abdomen. Soon after, underneath the computer I could feel a persistent tap-tap-tapping. The sort of tapping one might feel from a 14-week fetus hopped up on sugar. Well hello, Aethelryth. I'm glad you could make yourself known for the holidays.

(Oh yes! We also managed to watch the latest Doctor Who Christmas special and the new Wallace and Gromit last night - great fun all around)

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