Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve

-Our travel mojo remains intact - the grandparents have landed! We were really worried that B's parents wouldn't be able to get out of Michigan, but they made it today with fairly smooth sailing. I'm so glad. It would have been a bleak Christmas with just the three of us, and K will be much happier with grandparents to play with for the next five days.

-I have one more hour of work tonight and then I'm off for the next two days, a fact that makes me a bit delirious with joy. If you think that sounds like the online job and I are not always two hearts beating as one in glorious beauteous harmony, you would perhaps be right. Although it's not really the job itself as the combination of two jobs knocking me down and putting their feet on my neck. Having both a weekday and weekend job leaves very little room for getting any real time off. It occurs to me occasionally that I'm working too much to make so little money. We've been discussing what will happen when the baby comes, and I'm starting to suspect it will involve quitting the more lucrative job.

-We've been watching our traditional Christmas movies tonight. First Love Actually, which I love completely out of proportion to the amount it makes sense. And it always gets me at the end - it's such a schmaltzy, sappy ending and I have tears in my eyes every freaking time I watch it. Apparently Richard Curtis decided to ooze sap like an incontinent pine tree when he made this movie, but damn, the man can write.

Next up is Muppet Christmas Carol. I was heartbroken to discover last week that my copy was to scratched to play all of the way through (it's only two years old and we only watch it once a year - there's just no excuse), but I've tracked down another copy so hopefully I'll get my fix of Gonzo as Charles Dickens. It's amusing to realize tha until Patrick Stewart's Christmas Carol came out, the Muppet version had the distinction of being the most accurate to the book of the various movie adaptations I'd seen, notwithstanding the dual Marleys and narration by Rat and Weirdo.

Back to the salt mines now, so I can go to bed.

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