Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly update

Another insane week down. I didn't finish working before 2am any night this week, courtesy of the Half-hour Nap Wonder. Parenting hasn't been very easy this week. Part of it is the joy that is Three, but I have to admit I'm part of it too. When I'm exhausted and impatient, barking orders and yelling, it shouldn't surprise me too much that K doesn't react well. I wouldn't want to be near me either. But we found a new daycare and she starts Monday! It's a center this time, so chances are good that it won't close in a month. It's got a good preschool program, full of art projects and cooking and playing outside and stories and music, with a well-stocked playroom and large playground. It's in the basement of a church that has a nice tree-filled yard which added a great deal to its appeal. A lot of the places we looked at were storefronts on busy streets, and if they had outdoor play areas they were usually a few sad plastic toys on an asphalt surface with no shade and only a chain link fence separating them from the sidewalks full of broken glass and syringes. It's nice to be able to find someplace near our house, yet not part of the blighted urban landscape. It was hard to get K to leave when we visited - she had gotten right down to business and was building a fort out of large cardboard blocks with another little girl. She is incredibly ready for preschool. And I am so incredibly ready to work in peace, not to mention be able to go shopping or get a haircut without a three-year-old whining in the back seat. And have time again to knit, or blog, or even leave comments occasionally, all things that have fallen by the wayside lately because I have no time, and if I do have time, I'm just so damn tired. Yay preschool!

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