Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kinder, kuche, kitten



Preschool is going quite well. K is adjusting well and having a great time. She's getting more social and is slowly adjusting to the increased structure. One of the things I really like this place is that while it has a small academic portion to the day (basic introduction to letters and numbers), if K isn't interested, she's allowed to wander away and do what she wants. While I don't think preschoolers should be doing any academic work (research shows that children that age have more important developmental tasks and while children who went to academic preschools do better the first few years of school, by about fourth grade the children who went to play-based preschools surpass them), as long as K gets to opt out if she isn't interested, I'm happy enough. This was the least academic place we could find - one place I considered briefly was listing specific academic goals for three-year-olds including being able to drill letters and numbers at a certain speed. In comparison, half an hour of talking about what things start with "d" and having them practice tracing letters seems pretty benign. K is mostly interested in coloring in her notebook and wandering over to the baby/toddler section of the room. Fine by me.

The thing she isn't doing is napping, which results in picking up a very tired munchkin every afternoon. She usually falls asleep in the car and I let her sleep for about 15 minutes so she will hopefully be able to stay (crankily) awake through dinner and still fall asleep at a decent hour. Which she usually does like a ton of bricks. Preschool is exhausting.



and Lily

They've progressed from spending 90 percent of their time hiding under the couches to spending most of their time out in the open, playing, prancing about looking cute, attempting to steal any food we're foolish enough to leave unattended for three seconds and trying to get Sonya to like them. Sonya will let them rub up against her and will even deign to cuddle and groom with them, but she's still not too sure about the young whippersnappers. They're also giving her some much-needed exercise. It's so nice to hear the sound of galloping cats with the evening crazies thundering across the floor above us.

They tend to flee from us if we come walking towards them, but they've been more and more willing to cuddle and be petted. I often have kittens on the bed when I go to bed these days, and even if they get spooked if I make an untoward move, they always come back. I predict in another month, we're going to have very sweet lap kitties.

I don't actually have anything kitchen-related to say, so a new discovery instead:

One of the great things about B's job is that he gets first crack at the books donated for the used book sale, and there's someone in the neighborhood who's a member of Scifi book club. The upshot of this is that he recently came home with their compilation of the first three books of Naomi Novik's Temeraire series and I'm in love.

If you think about it, it's pretty much a slam dunk for me. Three things I love are: Jane Austen, Master and Commander, and fantasies that take place in Regency England that's mostly like our world but with magic added in. And here they are, all neatly tied together in one book. I really should be pinned under Neal Stephenson's latest 500 pound anvil since I have it out from the library, but I just couldn't put Temeraire aside.

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