Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dangling threads

It occurs to me that I announced over a week ago that we might be getting kittens and then left everyone hanging. To give you the answer to the question that no doubt has been haunting you night and day for the past week: introducing Luna and Lily (nee Venus) [insert adorable pictures here if only I could find the dratted USB cable for our camera].

Yes, the names are from Harry Potter. We didn't like the name Venus but liked Luna well enough, and Luna immediately made us think Harry Potter.

They're a pretty skittish pair, but definitely warming up. Lily is very playful and I've been able to woo her with the always irresistable toy-on-a-string-on-a-stick. She's gone from hiding under the couch to coming very close to touching me, and she's a sucker for a good tummy scritch. I've noticed that she seems to want to be in the same room with us most of the time even if she won't get close.

Luna is still spending much of her time in hiding. If you can corner her, she'll let you pet her for a long time, but that's if she'll let you near her. Once she warms up to us, I think she's going to be a cuddler.

They're both very tolerant of K, which is largely why we took them. She's been pretty gentle, but she still gets in their faces and rubs them the wrong way - literally. Sonya isn't thrilled with the new additions, but she's never tried to attack them and I've caught her licking them in the past couple days, so they're clearly making friends.


Two days of preschool down and it appears to be quite a success. K is having a lot of fun and is usually having fun playing outside when I come to get her. She hasn't been napping while she's there, so while on the one hand, we have to work to keep her from taking a long evening nap, on the plus side, she's been passed out in bed by 8 for the past two nights. Preschool is definitely tiring.

Meanwhile, I'm already feeling better rested than I have in weeks, now that I'm not trying to work 14 hours a day.

So two thumbs up for preschool so far!

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