Sunday, September 7, 2008

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

We seem to be weathering our first hurricane with relative ease. When you're 50 miles inland, you just get a bunch of rain and some wind. No need for battening the hatches. Still, it's the closest we've ever been to a hurricane and the novelty is exciting. We can be all blase about tornadoes since we've dealt with them all of our lives (blase here meaning "Don't sweat it if it's just a tornado watch" not "Let's go take a five-mile hike under those heavy clouds starting to funnel!"). It still kind of blows my mind that there hasn't been so much as a tornado watch since we moved here. But hurricanes are an entirely new kind of natural disaster for us. So far, I would describe the experience as "damp."

It's been five months since Olwen disappeared, and we've decided it's time to think about another cat. I think that Sonya will be happier with another cat around (once she warms up to the evil intruder invading her territory). For us, it will be nice to be able to spread the feline love around a bit, since Sonya has been extremely attached to me since she came back. Plus, kitten! Do we need a better reason than that?

A woman who volunteers at the museum put up a flyer advertising kittens about a month ago, which made me perk up like a prairie dog. I didn't think it was a good idea to get a new cat right before we left town for a week, so I waited until last week to call her and we're going to see the two remaining kittens tomorrow. They're about five months old, which is a bit older than I'd like since I love the mega-adorable prancing baby stage so much, but with a three-year-old in the house, a slightly bigger kitten may be a good idea.

We're considering taking both kittens so we won't have to split up a sibling pair. I can see pros and cons to the idea. I'm sure they'll be happier if we don't split them up, and cats are small enough that it's not hard to make room for an extra. On the con side, I'm a little afraid that it will be harder to get them to bond with Sonya if they come as a pair that can gang up on her, and one of the reasons that we found a new home for Bunter is that I was finding it hard to give enough attention to three cats.

But Bunter also didn't get along well with K or the other cats, so hopefully three cats will be easier if none of them have his personality issues. Basically, we're going to wait and see what they're like tomorrow - if one of them doesn't cotton to K or it seems like they're independent enough to separate easily, we'll probably take one. But if they're both child-friendly, it will be awfully tempting to take them both. Because kittens!

Kittens! Eeee!

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