Friday, January 11, 2008


I know I've said that probably the best way to try and give my reproductive system a kick in the pants and fight PCOS is to try a low-carb diet. And yet I keep shying away from actually doing it. The latest stall is that a large part of my strategy revolved around the low-carb tortillas from Trader Joe's. And the last two times I've gone into Trader Joe's, they haven't had any tortillas. Just a gigantic empty bin in the refrigerated section, mocking me. I know there are plenty of other low-carb tortillas in the world, but the ones at Trader Joe's are the only ones I've ever seen that don't make heavy use of soy, which is something my body isn't terribly fond of.

However, Lack of Tortilla is still a terrible excuse, which is an indicator to me that my heart isn't really in this (I think the fact that I keep fantasizing about baking bread is pretty big hint in that direction as well), and if I can't muster up true enthusiasm for a diet change this radical, it's doomed to a quick failure. So I'm going to try something a bit easier. I'm setting the goal of eating 25 grams of fiber and 80 grams of protein every day. Those are both values within normal recommended dietary limits, but should be high enough that I'll be forced to eat a lot of fiber and protein and a lot fewer of the carbohydrates that send me on the blood sugar trampoline. Hopefully they'll keep my blood sugar on an even enough keel to keep the PCOS in check and maybe even let me ovulate, yet be a bit more bearable and allow me to continue my torrid love affair with the potato.


  1. I love bread and potatoes and weep at the thought of cutting them from my diet.

    Trader Joe's is a cult, you know. I say that because *I've* never made it to one (there isn't one close by) but everybody who ever has gone to one is forever changed. Other grocery stores are barely tolerable after that. And they insist to me that it's worth driving through urban traffic for an hour and a half with three kids just to go there. One day maybe I'll go to Trader Joe's, and then I'll Understand. :)

  2. All Hail Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's is Life.

    Hee hee. I do love Trader Joe's, although I don't love it enough to think it's worth driving an hour and a half for, at least on a regular basis. When we lived an hour away from one before (and that was an hour of country driving and much more pleasant), I only went when we already in the city.

    It does have good and interesting foods, and provides us with a way to eat some organic and natural foods without breaking the budget. And the employees are all so cheerful you would swear they put drugs in the water. So I'm happy to be able to use it as my primary grocery store. But only because it's only 20 minutes away.