Friday, January 4, 2008


When I look back at the resolutions I made last year, I get a bit depressed. So this year I'm going to make it more basic and vague: I'll make a sincere effort to get myself in better shape for getting pregnant. It seems very likely this will involve going low-carb for a while, but I'm still getting my ducks in a row on that front. I don't want to go through a radical diet change without having a complete plan for what to eat and then have it all on hand. Our exercise bike is set up in a convenient place again, so I'm climbing back on it, and I've been keeping track of my food on Sparkpeople, which usually helps me keep within reasonable limits. That's about as far as I'm willing to commit.

I finally managed to get my iud out right before Christmas. As it turns out, it needed to be pre-approved by the insurance company, so that explains part of the delay (although pre-approval for a two-minute appointment? Really? That seems to be over the edge of absurd even by health insurance company standards).* So I'm waiting for my period to come back and we shall see. I had a couple signs of ovulation right at Christmas, so I'm hoping that will be confirmed next week with the return of my cycle. It's all wait and see at this point.

*As a data point for anyone curious about the iud experience, removal was not completely painless as advertised, but that was because 1) the speculum was a bit wider than was really comfortable and 2) my cervix gave a bit of a spasm in response to having something pulled through it. However, it was brief and certainly nothing compared to having it put in.

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