Monday, November 26, 2012

There and back again

Oh my, when I lost NaBloPoMo, I did it good and hard, didn't I? I don't have anything resembling a good excuse, even. Mostly that I just kept falling asleep immediately after putting the kids to bed, and general busyness. Then we drove to Boston and back for Thanksgiving.

The drive on the whole wasn't too bad, even Wednesday night. The first part of the New Jersey Turnpike was under construction, cramming six lanes of traffic into three, with predictable results. We spent a significant portion of that period gazing soulfully at the entirely empty section of highway next to us as we poked along at 15 miles an hour, although there were enough areas of dire construction to let us know exactly why the whole section was closed. But after that, it was clear sailing, and very similar for going home on Friday.

Thanksgiving itself was lovely. Good food, family we don't see often enough and a very cute and sweet nephew. I think I may have to declare next year that I'm not able to work the day after Thanksgiving, sorry. As it turns out, they can deal, contrary to what I've thought all of these years of working the day after Thanksgiving.

In other news, poor James has a cold. It's not his first, but definitely the first to make him obviously sick, as opposed to sleeping more than normal and intermittent coughing in his previous two. His nose is running, his cough sounds terrible and as a fun bonus, his eyes are perpetually goopy. His eyelashes are clumping together, despite frequent wiping. Poor gunky baby.

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