Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Excuse note

I mentioned a while back that I have some money to spend on books for my library, but I haven't done it yet for some highly bizarre reasons.

You see, the power cord of our Nook broke a while ago, so we called customer service and they said they would mail us a new one since it was still under warranty and we thought that would be that. Easy-peasy.

Then the package with the new Nook arrived. I might have been tempted to keep it, but it was a Nook Simple Touch and ours is a Nook Color, and their power cords aren't compatible. So our much better Nook was still out of power. We called again, and were sent a return mailing label and the promise that the power cord was on its way. And lo and behold, a power cord arrived the very next day.

Then another power cord arrived. Then a Nook battery. And another battery. And another. And then another power cord. In the end, I think we received a total of four power cords and six batteries. At that point, we called Customer Service and said straight out, "I think we need to talk to a manager for this." The highly bemused manager did manage to straighten things out and told us we could return the whole mess to a brick and mortar store. So that's we did two weeks ago, making the day of a couple sales associates. Phrases like, "I need to call Steve over so he can see this too" were said. We all had a jolly old time and finally got everything settled.

But I had been planning on ordering the books for my library from the Barnes and Noble website (to take advantage of the nifty educator discount they give me), and part of clearing up the confusion involved the manager putting a temporary alert on our address. So to make sure that our order 1) actually arrives and 2) doesn't unleash a new flood of extraneous Nook accessories, I decided to hold off on making the order for a while.

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