Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lost week

Last week started so well. The kids were better and we were set to start in on Hawaii and volcanoes. Instead, B came home puking on Tuesday and slept most of Tuesday and Wednesday. I wasn't throwing up, but felt like someone had dropped a 50 ton weight on my head. I managed to keep the children and house from falling into too much squalor and kept K on track with reading and math, but that was it. Thursday, B was well enough to go to work and I thought I might be in the clear, until I started puking. Thank goodness Thursday is a preschool day for Alec, because I spent the day dozing on the couch while K spent quite a lot of the day on the Nick Jr website. Does it count as education if she played a bunch of Team Umizoomi games, which involved math? Okay, preschool math, but at least a bit better then spending all day marinating in cartoons. Friday, Alec was home but thank goodness, so was B, so I slept most of the day and was something resembling better.

So here we are in a new week and maybe we'll actually get something I planned done. Thank goodness for Reading Eggs is all I can say. I hadn't planned to use a computer program to teach my child to read, but there's something about the impartiality of the computer that she responds to a lot better than having to read to another human. She's willing to spend large amounts of time playing and according to it, has advanced over a year in reading skills in the past month.

In other news, an ultrasound yesterday estimated Godric's weight at 32 weeks as 4 and a half pounds, which puts him right on track to be the same size as his brother and sister. Somehow I feel justified in my refusal to worry about growth restriction. He also appears quite healthy and active, and is quite definitely still a boy. So all's good on that front.

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