Sunday, August 28, 2011

Water, water everywhere

I think Irene has mostly passed. We had a wet day, followed by a more exciting hour or so in the evening where the power surged a couple times, and now we're down to a middling sort of rain. People on Facebook were talking about tornado warnings, but they had passed by and I think it was for the western suburbs anyway. A couple more inches of rain forecast, but then there's SUN tomorrow. I wonder if all of the government buildings that were closed will be open after all. B was supposed to work tomorrow, before the state of emergency, which leaves me wondering if work will be back on.

So we got off pretty lightly, all things considered. I'm deeply grateful that we're not still in our old house, where the garage always took on water when it rained because it was on a downslope. During heavy rains, it would seep in through the basement door and on one memorable occasion, water started coming through the back of the garage wall into the utility room. Right under the litter boxes. There's nothing like the threat of spilled litter getting turned into concrete to keep you frantically mopping.

In any case, if this is the worst hurricane we get for the next fifty years, we will be very lucky.

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