Saturday, August 20, 2011


We've had rolling waves of visitors over the past couple weeks. First my best friend Sarah and husband, then my mother and her aide, then my aunt and uncle came down from Connecticut to help celebrate my mother's birthday. All delightful, of course, but very tiring by the end and making me want to crawl into my cave of introversion. Not conducive to posting, is what I'm saying. But life keeps going on, not necessarily in a very exciting way:

* We finally made it back to the urologist, and it has been determined K isn't completely emptying her bladder when she pees. So we're going back for some biofeedback sessions to try and train her to empty it better, and FINALLY have daily antibiotics.

* School is starting up again in two weeks. Fortunately, having my mother visit spurred us to muck out the basement and uncover the pile of boxes we called a school room. It wasn't the vision of organization and loveliness I had in mind, but both the family room and school room are now usable. We have a big box of school supplies and textbooks from our cyber school, which caused great excitement. It included goggles for science experiments, which alarms me a touch and thrills K no end. If you hear about any alarming explosions, you should probably check our house first.

* Our 11th wedding anniversary was two weeks ago and we didn't remember until the next day. I confess, the romance does wane a touch. The fact that the 11th anniversary is the steel anniversary didn't help matters. Although I suppose it would have been a good excuse to get each other swords. B's birthday was yesterday, and we DID remember that on the day, at least. He still didn't get a sword, although he did get Legos.

* Alec appears to be in a language development period again and is adding words and phrases at a great rate. I think "graham cracker" is my current favorite. Sometimes he will sit and obliging repeat words after us, and sometimes he decides to be two and answers any request of "Can you say x?" with "No!" And then we ask "Can you say 'I am not your performing monkey?'" and he grins and says "Eek eek eek!"

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