Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween picture post

It's late, and I'm tired and still have a bit more work to do. So this will be a quicky picture post of Halloween pictures.

First, an exercise in 5-year-old problem solving. So you're wearing a very pretty but short-sleeved Cinderella dress that your devoted mother stayed up way too late the night before to finish, but it's about 40 degrees out. What to do? Apparently, this:


Here's a picture where you can see the full dress (it's a bit big, but I figure it will fit longer that way):


And the tired trick-or-treater enjoys her spoils:


Meanwhile, if you're a 16-month-old dinosaur, you don't need candy because you're just high on life:


Of course, that doesn't mean you can't use your cuteness to try and get some anyway:


And in the end, you can use your toddler cunning to steal some from your sister:


And just because, toddler meets chocolate pudding:


(More here)

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