Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Speaking of difficult conversations

Last night, I was driving home with K and saw a black and white cat running under a car. I pulled over and went to look, to discover it wasn't Olwen. But then I had to explain to K what I was doing and why. She seemed to understand, but she's asked about it several times since then, trying to process it. I'm not sure how well she remembers Olwen, since tonight she came into the living room when all three cats were in it and said, "There's the cat!" So I explained again it was a different cat and we went on with our evening, but it's clear this is a disturbing concept for her.

On the cute side, after never really caring about naming her stuffed animals, K has suddenly decided they all need names. So far we have Blackie, the brown and white horse, Boy, the pink french poodle and Clifford the Big Yellow Lab. We also have Clifford the Big Red Dog, so I'm not sure how we're supposed to tell them apart.

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