Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Last week, K and I went to the fabric store to choose a fabric for a new winter coat I'm going to sew her. K initially said she wanted a puppy coat (a coat with puppies on it, I'm assuming, not a coat made out of puppies a la Cruella Deville), but when we found a princess print, she was instantly sold. Two yards, on sale, done and done.

However, in the intervening time it's taken for the pattern to arrive, she has been carrying the fabric around the house, sleeping with it and wrapping her stuffed animals up in it. And now she is absolutely refusing to turn it over to me to be turned into a coat.

It's actually about the right size to put on her bed as a blanket (although that would involve her not dragging it around the house), and for ten dollars, I can afford to let her use it as a security blanket and just go get some more fabric for a coat. But the question now is, do I get more princess fabric? Or go for a puppy coat? Or I could get a dinosaur print. What I'm sure of is that I'm not going to let K pick it, unless I want her to spend all winter roasting under an ever-growing pile of fleece blankets while simulataneously freezing from a lack of a coat.

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