Friday, July 3, 2009

Not how I intended to spend the holiday weekend

So! I'm back in the hospital. What looked like irritated skin around my incision earlier this week turned into a spreading redness that kept going even after my doctor put me on antibiotics. So I earned myself a stay in the hospital for iv antibiotics.

I feel fine physically. The infection isn't in the incision, it's just the skin above the incision. I'm receiving an iv bag of antibiotics every 12 hours, which makes this feel like the biggest waste of money in the world for me to lie around in a hospital bed just to receive medication twice a day. Fortunately, it's working pretty rapidly, so it's hopeful that I'll be able to go home tomorrow.

Children aren't allowed in the building I'm in because of the swine flu, so you can imagine how I'm doing emotionally. It's bad enough leaving K again after being gone last week, but there's a special sort of hell involved in being forced to be away from your ten-day-old baby when you're filled to the brim with hormones telling you you need to be taking care of him. Intellectually, I know that he's fine and well-taken care of, that my health is more important than what havoc this might wreak with the breastfeeding that was just starting to go well and given that he's been sleeping 20 hours a day, he probably barely knows I'm gone. But my body doesn't care.

On the plus side, being on the "Women's Health Pavilion" floor instead of the maternity unit has resulted in much better accommodations that most significantly don't include a roommate who leaves the tv on all night (not that there's any good time for this, but waking up at 6am is way too damn early to be confonted with Married...with Children). And although we were told last week that the hospital doesn't have wi-fi, when B brought my laptop in so I could watch dvds, I discovered that in fact they are "happy to provide our patients and guests with free wireless internet access."

Thank goodness B's parents are still here. And while I feel like a terrible hostess for having to go to the hospital the day my mother arrived for a visit, it was nice to have her here to keep me company most of the afternoon.

But I just want to go home, dammit.

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