Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home again

I was sprung from the hospital yesterday morning. The antibiotics worked pretty quickly to make things look visibly better after the first dose, and three more have gotten things down to the point that they were willing to let me go with oral antibiotics. So I'm back home with my babies.

Thankfully, Alec has gone back to the breast like he never left, and if you were to point out to him that he spent his first week of life refusing to latch, he'll deny it while looking at the sky and whistling nonchalantly. Whistling while spending two hours sucking desultorily away is quite a trick, but he's talented.

If you ever find yourself in the situation of needing to use a bottle early in a breastfeeding relationship, I highly recommend the Breastflow bottle. It's designed to mimic feeding at the breast, both in requiring the baby to latch correctly and having an incredibly slow flow. We barely ever have to burp Alec with these bottles either. Given that he had only been reliably latching for about a day and a half before I had to go back to the hospital, I really think having to use a different bottle with a faster flow would have been disastrous for getting back to nursing. As it is, my supply has definitely taken a hit, but that's fixable. We're supplementing a bit as needed and he has no problem switching back and forth, often in the same feeding.

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