Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 23

I had my 37 week appointment yesterday and we have a plan.

I have a c-section scheduled for June 23, a couple days after my due date. If I go into labor before that, we will see what happens based on what direction Wulfrith decides to be pointed in that day (he's flipped 3-4 times since last week. I was told yesterday that his head was low, but since I spent last evening having my left hip pummeled enthusiastically, I'm suspecting it's actually his butt that's low. Since I spent the last several weeks of my last pregnancy being told the head was low, I'm, ahem, a tad cynical when I hear that). So we're giving vaginal birth a chance in case Mr. Points All Directions of the Compass decides to cooperate, but with a definite date past which I won't be pregnant, which is about the point the doctor will start talking induction anyway (I'm comfortable with the risks of vbac, but not induction and vbac, so if it comes down to that, I would rather just get another c-section).

Of course, this means we will have a baby in less than three weeks now. Oh my.

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