Thursday, May 21, 2009


Lily got home from the vet last Friday night (in a very long involved saga that involved trying to pick her up between trekking between multiple pharmacies trying to get the antibiotic prescribed by our pediatrician after K spiked a fever not two hours after said to the pediatrician on the phone, "The urine culture from last week was positive? That's funny, she hasn't been showing any symptoms." The story culminates with me travelling 15 miles to the suburbs to a 24 hour Walgreens at 11:30 at night, but really, it was more frustrating than interesting).

Anyway, Lily is sporting a lovely cyberpunk-style belly scar, shaved forelegs that give her a bit of a poodle look and a flexible blue plastic collar around her neck that makes the fashion statement "Look! It doesn't need to be raining for me to wear a raincoat indoors!" She's spending a lot of time sleeping and definitely isn't her old self yet. She used to leap mountain-goat like up the tall cat tree in the living room, and yesterday, I watched her do the undignified cat-splat against the arm of the couch when she tried to jump on it. But she is certainly acting much better than she was before the surgery. I can't imagine how much pain she must have been in, poor kitty. She is clearly happy to be home, and was happy to see us until we started holding her down to give her medication twice a day (antibiotics and a pain killer, although a couple times she didn't get the pain killer because we decided any cat that could fight that hard and run away that fast clearly wasn't in that much pain). We're happy she's home too.

K, our other household sickie, is on the mend after a feverish Saturday. I would like to note that the urine culture that came back Friday was from urine taken the previous Friday, a day when she seemed a little sick, but well enough that I would have just waited to see what developed if it hadn't been Friday and I wanted to avoid dealing with trying to treat a sick child on the weekend. Ha. Anyway, I suspect this is just the previous UTI that didn't get killed completely dead, so hopefully the stronger antibiotics will take care of it. Having dealt with the scourge of the recurrent UTI myself, I would give quite a lot to spare K that quite literal pain in the butt.

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