Sunday, May 24, 2009

Holiday weekend quatrain

1. B had to work Saturday, leaving me solo parenting for the day, but we both have today and tomorrow off. Two day weekend, yippee!

You know, that last sentence encapsulates almost perfectly why I'm tired so much of the time.

2. We broke out the wading pool today, to K's great delight. Tomorrow, we're meeting a preschool friend at a local park that has a little model town that kids can ride their tricycles around in and a water spray pole for hot days. Summer is icumen in.

3. We finally dug the basement out tonight, which actually took much less time than I had anticipated. And we have achieved an incredible milestone - all of the books in our house are on shelves! Mind you, I wouldn't want you to look too closely at those shelves since their lack of order is a disgrace upon the name of our double M.L.I.S household, but still. All out of boxes! It's been years since that's been true, like since before K was born.

This, of course, is our cue to move again.

4. Things are pretty much set with both workplaces for maternity leave. I'm working at the library until the first weekend in June, when they will give me a nice little baby shower (in combination with an appreciation ceremony for the volunteer with fatal liver cancer... just a bit of mood whiplash there). My last day at the online job is June 12. I will be officially quitting, but have been assured that there is enough turnover that it shouldn't be a problem for me to get my job back whenever I'm ready to come back.

Part of me likes the idea of the more relaxed lifestyle of only having one job and being able to be home with the baby most of the time. But I also liked our growing savings account this past year. I guess I'll know better what I want after the baby is actually here.

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