Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Since I can't drink, I'll have a nice gouda instead

I'm about to engage in extremely self-indulgent and unattractive whining. Feel free to skip.

The flu hit us really hard last week. took 2 1/2 days off of work, and I probably should have taken a sick day but I don't have that many available. Instead, I struggled along working as best I could. I was still throwing up as late as Thursday night, but still made it into work at the library on Friday. I worked out of the house all day Friday, worked at home all that evening and then hauled myself out of bed Saturday to go to work again. Since I had worked both days of the previous weekend, that made thirteen days in a row of work, several of which while quite sick.

The thing that got me through all of that was the knowledge that due to computer maintenance at the online job, I was going to have Monday and Tuesday off. If I could just make it a couple more days, I would have three whole days off. Well. I did get Sunday off. Monday, daycare was cancelled due to snow, so I didn't have to work, but I did have to spend the day taking care of a preschooler who wasn't slightly interested in taking a nap, despite really really needing one. And today? I checked my work e-mail this morning to discover that the maintenance was done early so we were all expected to work.

I admit, I'm probably a bit more upset about this than I need to be, but I really needed that day off. I'm normally lucky to have one day off a week and often don't wind up getting even that. I didn't get any benefit from the few days off I had around Christmas because I was so sick then. I just work through an illness and next week, I'm going to fly to Michigan with K and work all week while doing solo childcare. I'm just plain tired.

I'm also more than a little pissed off at the way work has treated us, which could have been mitigated by two sentences: "The maintenance could take less time than scheduled, so don't make too many plans" and "Sorry for cancelling your day off." Instead, just a curt order back to work. True, I had no real plans beyond relaxing, but if I had made plans because I hadn't been warned that the time off wasn't definite, I would have been incredibly unhappy.

Meanwhile, tonight I've gotten one e-mail about a bug that a number of people have been experiencing and have encountered a completely different one myself. Nice to know they did such a thorough job on that maintenance.

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