Saturday, March 7, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

K and I are flying out to Michigan far too early tomorrow morning (I had thought I was so clever in getting a 9:15 flight so we wouldn't have to get up too much earlier than normal. Then I realized Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow - d'oh!). I don't precisely expect this to be a relaxing trip, between solo childcare, working and no doubt helping my mother in various and sundry ways. But I've been feeling a desperate need for a change of scenery since the middle of January and like I really need my mommy for a while. Michigan in March isn't exactly the favored spring break destination, I know, but it's home and it will be good to see it. Travel is about to get a lot harder in a shockingly short amount of time, so if it be not now, well, it's going to be a darn good long while before it's yet to come.

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