Monday, November 17, 2008


On a whim today, I decided to Google a high school friend. She has a pretty distinct last name, so I figured there was a pretty good chance of finding her.

But you know the newish feature on Google where when you start typing they give you a drop down box with common searches like yours? As I started typing her name, it came up. With "obituary" after it. Oh dear.

And it turns out she died six weeks ago. Nothing I found said how - the closest I got was "suddenly." She was getting her master's degree in counseling at a local seminary and the descriptions people gave of her sounded a lot like she was in high school.

I'm not hugely upset by this - we haven't spoken in fifteen years, since high school graduation. We were very good friends in elementary school, but starting drifting apart in junior high and were mostly casual friends in high school. I'm very saddened for her father and brother - her mother died of kidney cancer several years ago and this new sudden loss can't be easy on them. I suppose mostly I'm feeling a little sad and a bit more existential angst about someone my age that I knew being suddenly dead.

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