Thursday, April 3, 2008


Our new glasses came today! Finally, my eyesight in my left eye is as good as the sight in my right eye again. When they tested me with my previous pair of glasses, the line of letters I could read with my left eye was two lines above what I could read with my right. No wonder things have been looking odd and blurry.

One of the hazards of really bad eyesight is that it's really hard to choose new frames. There you are, already half blind from your horribly dilated pupils, and somehow you're supposed to judge how a pair of frames look without your glasses on. I spend a lot of time squinting into the mirror from three inches away, which is generally a great way to make nothing look good. So the moment of truth with new glasses is always a moment of high-stakes gambling, because then I get to see what they actually look like. Verdict this time? Pretty good! They're different enough from what I've had before that it's going to take a little while to get used to them, but I like them. Change is good. And I have sunglasses again! Whee!

And since we were in the vicinity of the bookstore anyway, we had to stop in and get a book that came out this week. I think more than anything else, the way you can tell that we're now parents is that while we've been able to patiently wait a while to get the latest book by our favorite authors, waiting for birthdays or Christmas or at least until the Science Fiction Book Club edition is available, and often just getting things out of the library that we would have previously bought, we absolutely had to go get the new Mo Willems Pigeon book as soon as possible.

I'm happy to report that it's wonderful. Cute, funny and a significant enough departure from the previous pigeon books that it doesn't feel like he's repeating himself. I highly recommend it to all Pigeon fans.

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