Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Daycare fandango

Forgive the gap in posting. The house is sharing a rotten cold. Our little disease vector had a snotty nose for a day and a half, and now her father and I are about to buy stock in Kleenex.


Sigh. Today brought a reprise of last fall's late unlamented daycare problems. Apparently my daycare provider's neighbor has been going postal over people parking in his driveway to drop their kids off; today, he came over screaming and called the police. Since she's opening a daycare center in two weeks, our provider decided that it was best just not to have kids at the house. I can't say I disagree, since I certainly don't want my small child around someone so clearly unhinged. But that gives us a two-week gap of no daycare.

Fortunately, it's not too bad. At least last fall taught us how to deal with not having daycare when I'm working. I can take K to work this week and B should be able to move his day off next week to Friday. It's a sucky arrangement, since we wind up not having a single day off together when we arrange weekends that way, but it will get us through. I can only imagine how hard this sort of thing is for people without flexible schedules and understanding bosses, where family survival truly relies on two incomes. As it is, I think the person most put out by this is going to be K, who will be missing two weeks of social time. I'll have to try to take her to one of the many story times we can never go to because they're all on Tuesday, which is a daycare day.

It's amazing, the difference in reaction I feel to similar events, based on how I feel about the daycare provider. Our previous provider had: cancelled several days on us for "family emergencies" which got hard not to interpret as "I want a long weekend," didn't make any effort to get K to nap, reacted so negatively to the only bad day K had that I started to wonder if she had ever met a two-year-old even though she had four children, and gave us a vague excuse for why daycare was being cancelled for the next week and then disappeared off of the face of the Earth. Our current provider: only cancelled the day she had a terrible case of the flu, regularly gets K to nap, took it entirely in stride the day K had a bad day and gave me a full explanation for closing, complete with many apologies and promised to give me frequent updates on the progress of getting the daycare center licensed by the state (the last hurdle preventing it from opening immediately). And since we actually went over there for an openhouse last weekend (K is going to love it there - we stayed for an hour and she fought leaving), I'm pretty sure that the center isn't just a castle in the sky and this provider won't simply vanish into the ether.


In other news, I despise Verizon. I know Comcast is just as evil, but I'm about ready for a different brand of evil, one that gives me Internet fast enough that I don't have to regularly refresh pages to get them to load because they timed out before they could load. And even if it costs a bit more, charging the same amount every single month and not conveniently "forgetting" to apply promised discounts would be a huge improvement too. Telecommunications companies, feh.

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