Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fertility delayed

I went to the ob/gyn today for my annual checkup. Everything seems healthy and in place, and she seemed pretty nice. Her advice on how to proceed with trying to conceive was exactly what I had been planning on doing - try on my own for six months with charting and ovulation predictor kits, and then go in for help if it's not working.

I found out that I would be sent straight to a reproductive endocrinologist (RE), which I would prefer since even if we just use Clomid, I'd like to be monitored better this time. I didn't realize at the time last time that I really shouldn't have simply been given a prescription for fertility drugs and sent on my merry way, but in fact should have been monitored to make sure I was 1) ovulating, and 2) not overovulating and in danger of conceiving sextuplets. If nothing else, I'd like to spare myself the uncertainty of last time of not being sure if/when I was going to ovulate. Obviously I got it right, but it would be nicer to have an ultrasound tell me next time.

There's just one hitch: I asked to have my iud taken out and she said we needed to check and make sure my insurance will cover it. I'm a little confused - I want the iud out either way, so what exactly will happen differently if my insurance doesn't cover it, besides my having to pay for it? My inner Pollyanna hopes there's some sort of insurance billing voodoo they can perform to get it covered. My inner cynic thinks this is a great way to get a second office visit fee. Either way, I wasn't expecting to have to wait another two weeks and I'm feeling a little impatient. I don't really want to get pregnant this month since it's going to be insane enough with Christmas and moving, but there are other ways to ensure that doesn't happen.

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