Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Because I'm sure you're as enthralled with my child's bladder as I am

K has been flirting with the toilet for the past several weeks. She's never shown much interest with sitting on her potty, but I got one with a lift-out lid that could be used as a toilet seat insert while the base could be inverted to use as a stool, and she just loves sitting on the toilet. And I love the idea of not having to clean out a potty on a regular basis, so hey - kismet!

But with life's general chaos, we hadn't been pushing it much - we sit her on the toilet if she asked and occasionally asked her if she wanted to sit on it (usually no if it wasn't her idea). The other week, we woke up and heard her in the bathroom, and discovered that she had put the toilet seat on by herself, stripped naked and sat on the toilet all on her own. The only success we've had before today was when she was dancing around the bathroom naked and started to pee, and I quickly grabbed her and put her on the toilet to finish.

It's clear she gets what the toilet is for. She'll sit on the toilet and sing about pee*, and when B had discovered her on the toilet, she said "Poop!" There wasn't any mind you, but she knew where it went. She always wants her own toilet paper when I'm using the toilet and either wipes herself (outside her clothes), or tries to help me wipe myself (I typically decline her kind offer). Then she throws it in the toilet and waves bye-bye to the pee as it gets flushed.

Today, however, she had her first success. I suppose with the amount of toilet sitting she's been doing, it was mathematically likely that she was going to pee while sitting on it at some point. Everyone was very proud of her anyway, and she had the bonus of a grandmother here to admire her great accomplishments the way only a grandmother can.

I'm still not going to push much though. We're moving in the next month and taking a plane ride at Christmas, and all of that is going to be easier if we don't have to worry about getting a small child to the toilet on time. Also, the new house will have a toilet on each floor which will be much easier than our current house where I would have to hustle her upstairs every time she needed the toilet.

But still, our first potty success! Another milestone for the baby book.

*The lyrics usually go "Pee, pee, pee, pee, pee..." Stephen Sondheim she's not.

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