Wednesday, October 8, 2014

School notes


James's first day of preschool was three weeks ago.  The first week went pretty much how I expected: he cried when I left and when I went to pick him up, I saw him through the window acting upset and holding his backpack, clearly signalling that he felt it was time to go home, so would someone kindly summon his mother, if you please?  The next day, I had to carry him in because he recognized where we were going and he started crying before I left.  But he was happy when I picked him up.

The next week?  He happily ran in and left me without a second thought.  Clearly I don't rate nearly as highly as a sand table.  He was playing quite happily when I picked him up as well.  That's how it's been ever since.  Today, he blew me a kiss from the sand table as I left.

I'm pleased, of course, but a bit stunned that he adjusted so quickly since he's always been my koala baby.  And maybe a little melancholy at my baby growing up.  *sniff*


My other babies are doing well in big kid school.  We went to Back to School night this week and I was once again blown away by all of the emphasis on social/emotional learning and developing compassion, and what they're doing to promote them.

I was even more blown away when I went to Katherine's classroom and discovered all of the writing she's been doing.  Writing was such a huge source of drama last year.  She would rather refuse (loudly) to do something than try and fail, so last year featured a lot of loud refusal when it came to writing.  But this year?  For whatever reason, she's willing to try.  Her teacher transcribes what she says and she winds up copying about half of it, which solves the one of the big issues, which is being scared to misspell things.  There was even a pretty cogent three paragraph essay.

Alec, meanwhile, is having a great time.  It took a couple weeks for him to get with the program and stay on task, but he's doing just fine now.  I was a little worried after his bad year in preschool last year that he might not be ready for kindergarten, but one thing we've never had any problem with is getting him to use a computer, and since their academic work is done on the computer, he's perfectly happy to sit down and do his schoolwork.

I'm not sure who told me my babies they could grow up and leave me to go to school, but they're doing it anyway.

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