Thursday, July 31, 2014


A conversation with a five-year-old:

B: Put your shoes on.

Alec: They're sandals, not shoes

B: Yes, they're sandals, Mr. Precision

Alec: No Daddy, it's Alec


A cautionary tale:

They tell you that the Internet is dangerous for kids.  That you should carefully monitor where they go, especially sites like Youtube.  But the thing no one tells you is that the real danger of Youtube is that your child may watch cooking shows and then be inspired to do things like combine flour and water into a reasonable facsimile of a pie dough and then make a pie with grass filing and pretty impressive lattice crust - all on the floor of her bedroom.  Or you may wake up to find she's been inspired to get out the powdered sugar, butter and food coloring so she can experiment with making frosting.

Although I will give her credit that she did a decent job of cleaning up after the frosting.  And the most damnable part is what a good job she does on these experiments.  If they were disasters, it would discourage her from doing it again.  But no, she made a pretty good frosting, put it in plastic bags and piped it onto cookies for her brothers.

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