Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Argh. I was all set to attempt to limp across the finish line of NaBloPoMo after Thanksgiving, and my laptop decided to develop a fun habit of turning its screen off. Our other laptop, which we gave to Katherine, is currently doing its best impression of a snail with low blood pressure, and while I was able to use it to do things like read e-mail, it was unuseably slow for anything else. So I was without a computer for the end of November. Then just as Mr Blinky developed a spontaneous semi-remission wherein it would only decide to go staticky and blink out every day or two and otherwise work fine, the sinus infection arrived, and with it, the need to sleep 22 hours a day.

Anyway, here I am again! I have antibiotics and the hope my splitting sinus headache will soon be gone, along with the weird, worrying lump on one of my sinuses. The doctor was perplexed but threw some antibiotics at it. Mr. Blinky is being well-behaved today (and one of these days, we're going to do something about the slooooow laptop so it will be a viable backup). Unfortunately, there's no solution to it being obscenely late, so more anon.

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