Monday, October 29, 2012

Blown away

So! We have a honking huge hurricane coming to get us. The eye of Hurricane Sandy is headed just south of us. We've brought stuff inside, stocked food, filled containers with water, and in anticipation of possibly losing power, eaten some of the ice cream from the freezer before it melts. Eating ice cream is an essential part of storm preparation that I think doesn't get emphasized nearly enough.

The schools and libraries are closed today and tomorrow, so we're all cuddled inside the house, hoping against hope that we keep our power and that whatever is giving Katherine a sore throat and fever is viral, not strep, because it will be a pain and a half trying to get her to a doctor. She's perked up after ibuprofen and a four hour nap (!), so I'm hoping it's just her version of what Alec had this weekend.

Right now, we're enjoying a warm meal of chili and cornbread while the wind howls outside. I'm grateful for our warm, safe house and at the moment, much more grateful than I usually am for our lack of close trees. Hopefully we will stay that way.

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