Monday, August 27, 2012

Best laid plans

Today was supposed to be the first day of school for us. But instead, we made the living room an unholy mess last night in the process of rearranging it for school. And then Alec kept waking up, and James kept waking up, and then it was past midnight, the living room was still a mess and I hadn't gotten to prepare anything for today and we had to go to bed for a night of terrible sleep, followed by an early morning featuring such lovely events as Alec breaking the new bookcase we had put together the night before.

By the end of all that, I decided one of the benefits of running your own school is that you can set your own damn schedule and aside from half an hour on Reading Eggs, school will start tomorrow, when hopefully everyone will have had some damn sleep.

I'm not interested in doing anything too rigorous this week anyway, because we're taking an improptu trip to Michigan next week. We had been holding off any plans for a trip out this summer, because it seemed better to ration B's vacation time in case it would be better spent on his being able to take days off to save my sanity. Personally, I wasn't terribly interested in giving up potential sanity time for the pleasure of taking a cross-country trip with two small children and a breastfeeding newborn.

But thanks to wonderful, wonderful summer camp, my sanity stayed pretty much intact. Meanwhile, my mother has been having problems with infection lately, so when I told B I was worried about her, he responded that he had the vacation time, so why not go out? Why not indeed, especially since Alec's preschool is closed for the next two weeks.

But first, we shall attempt some actual education tomorrow. Wish us luck.

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