Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year

Well, look at that - over a week into the new year and I haven't managed to write anything yet. Our holidays were very nice and low-key, yet by the time every evening rolled around, I was more interested in collapsing than typing. I'm still mostly feeling fine, but I think the third trimester is creeping up on me.

Anyway, B's parents were here for Christmas and it was wonderful, then we packed up and went to my mother's for a New Year's Christmas celebration with my brother and that was lovely, then we swung through Indiana and Ohio to see various friends and relations. A good time was had all around, the driving was surprisingly pleasant and we're awfully glad to be home.

I suppose now this means we need to get back to school again. We did engage in educational activities after Christmas, but although I brought books along, we didn't manage anything while we were in Michigan. I'm really trying to get us more organized this year. Hopefully if we can get ourselves in better habits in the next three months, we'll be in better shape to keep them up when we add another child. To this end, I'm going to try making extensive use of Google calendar, as well as setting up a chore chart for K and a concrete school schedule. I planned out our FIAR books through April today, and hopefully this week I'll get a booklist set up to go with each topic. After the baby comes, my plan is to only do math and reading until probably the end of the school year.

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