Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thirteen weeks, four days

So I had another ultrasound on Monday, which looked just spiffy and I'm almost out of the first trimester, so we're going public. To my great surprise, I'm thirteen weeks pregnant. See?

Nothing even vaguely legume-like about this one (unlike the nine-week ultrasound, which bore a remarkable resemblance to a kidney bean). It's amazing what a difference four weeks makes.

Anyway, I'm freaking out a bit about having three children and homeschooling for the past couple months has been remarkably like trying to swim through pudding and we gave away a bunch of baby equipment. Despite all that, I'm remarkably attached to our little tadpole. In keeping with my tradition of nicknaming fetuses for medieval English saints, I'm calling it Morwenna for now (to be changed if it's cooperative at the 20 week ultrasound and turns out to be a boy).

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