Friday, May 7, 2010

Alec slept for approximately fifteen minutes this evening, which then gave him a second wind that let him play for another two hours. He worked his way through the room, shrieking with happiness, like a tiny little drunk at closing time staggering around declaring his love for everyone.

We finally gave him a snack in case Mr.. Hollowleg Growth-Spurt was hungry again and he went back out very quickly after that. I'm glad he's out for the night, but I didn't really mind him being up late because my goodness, that is one cute child.


One of the nice things about joining SCA is that it plays into my existing hobbies so well, particularly sewing. It has, however, thrown a gigantic wrench in my sewing plans. I had been planning to make K a couple sundresses and at least one new princess dress in time for her birthday, and have been experimenting with converting t-shirts into rompers for Alec. I'm also trying a couple different ideas for carriers for Alec that won't break our backs in an effort to avoid spending the money on an Ergo.

Now, however, we're planning to go to a local event on May 22. Which means garb. Alec has none, and while K's cloak will be passable, pride will not allow me to let her go wearing any of her current decidedly non-period princess dresses. B has very rudimentary garb, but really needs something better. Most of my garb from college still fits, and once I stop breastfeeding, I think virtually all of it will. Not bad for thirteen years and two babies later.

So first priority, I think, is K. While she has some dresses that wouldn't get us kicked out of the event and Alec has nothing, he's also young enough that we could get away without putting him in anything at all, or I could go out and buy him a plain shirt a couple sizes too large and call it a tunic. But I really want K to be in something relatively authentic. I found some pretty embroidered pink cotton that would make a nice surcote, and it won't be hard to dig up some plain fabric for a gown to go underneath. For Alec, I would eventually like to knit him some hose, but for now, I'll make him a peasant shirt and put it over dark pants.

For B, I was looking at a long gown he wore several years ago for a cosplay sketch we did at Acen and realized that if I just cut it off at mid-thigh, it would make an acceptable tunic. Not hugely authentic, but good enough for less than three weeks' prep time. I would love to make myself something new, since I'm a much better seamstress than I was when I was making my garb ten years ago and none of it is stellar in its accuracy, but I'm pretty low on the priority list for the immediate future.

Well! I seem to have very effectively filled up the next couple months of crafting and then some. I foresee a lot of thread in my future. This should be fun.

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