Monday, February 15, 2010

Digging out

It's been a bizarre week - snow days for all of us Wednesday and Thursday, a snow day for K and me on Friday while B had a free day that day even though his library was open. Then I was sick enough this weekend that B didn't work on Saturday and I didn't work today. Tomorrow is a holiday. And of course yet more snow is forecast for tomorrow, although there isn't much accumulation expected so we have a decent chance of finally getting back to normal Tuesday.

As completely unplanned week-long vacations go, it was fairly pleasant, aside from the whole being awfully sick on my part. As I've said before, we don't get a lot of time off together, so it's nice to be able to have two parents home for multiple days in a row. It was also nice that we weren't too trapped in the house after Wednesday. We probably should have stayed home Thursday, since getting out of our alley full of snow just melted enough to be incredibly slippery required the help of four burly neighbors and half an hour of getting stuck over and over again. But once we were out of our driveway, we were committed, since we couldn't leave our car blocking the alley until the snow melted, and we had managed to get just enough past our driveway that it would have been really difficult to get back in. There was no way out but forward, so that's the way we went, in one of the most terrifying drives I've ever made, jouncing down the alley with the car shimmying the entire way and the steering wheel attempting to whip out of my hands.

And now, a couple snow-bound observations:

- Before I had a princess-obsessed four-year-old, I hadn't seen many of the Disney princess movies since I was five or six.* Having watched them all now around eight and a half billion times, I can say two things: 1, Snow White is quite possibly the weirdest cartoon I've ever seen, and given how much anime I watched, that's saying something. Fortunately, K didn't like it, because I think it could start giving me nightmares. 2, I knew Enchanted was a good parody when I saw it, but I didn't realize quite how spot-on and brilliant it was. My goodness - who knew Disney could have such a good sense of humor about itself?

- When introducing Alec to solids, I decided to skip rice cereal to try and avoid the constipation K got on it. So he's been getting oatmeal, fruit and yogurt, and has been pooping four times a day. Um, mission accomplished?

* I nearly managed to convince K to go see The Princess and the Frog by telling her about when I went to see Cinderella and Snow White as a little girl. She's been steadfastly refusing to see it (despite wanting Tiana merchandise, of course) because she's afraid of the dark theatre, and I told her how I had felt safe in the theatre because my daddy was with me. I nearly had her, and of course that was just about the last weekend it was playing around here and that's when the snow hit. Sigh. What's the good of a princess-obsessed daughter if you can't go see the latest Disney princess movie?

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