Tuesday, January 27, 2009

19 week ultrasound

We went in for the Level II ultrasound today, the Big One where you get to see a baby that finally looks completely human. Everything looked absolutely perfect - we saw tiny little fingers and toes, a four chambered heart, a normal brain, an alternating cute and bizarre alien looking face, the cute little mouth opening, swallowing and sucking on fingers and an intact spinal column. And a penis.

So yes, we're having a boy! We were pretty neutral on the subject, although I had looked forward to barely having to buy any more clothing if we had a girl. Fortunately, I've been buying K some boys' clothes all along - the advantages of a daughter who likes dinosaurs.

To reward him for being more revealing than his sister, I will change his nickname from a girl's name to a boy's name. So our incipient offspring is now Wulfrith. Now all we have to do is work on his actual name. We had a boy's name for K, but we weren't in love with it, so we're revisiting the issue. If you have any suggestions for your favorite boy names, we would love to hear them.

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